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JUMPit is a professional brand in the Polish fitness market, which manufactures the strongest trampolines and has developed an innovative training programme for fitness instructors in partnership with IFAA Poland.

JUMPit fitness trampolines are the best equipment available in the market. The jumping mat is made from heavy-duty PP Mesh material. The rubber surface has greater thickness and strength compared to other products. Its proper tension protects your joints (even during intense exercise sessions every day). The hexagonal structure features thick steel walls which provide stability and good ground adhesion. The trampoline is provided with a handle bar which adds variety to the workout. JUMPit trampolines offer the top quality of bounce to achieve high, comfortable and soft jumps which you can enjoy for many years to come.

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A group of 15 people who love trampolines, sport and healthy lifestyle. Our team of Coaches and Presenters is composed of professional and highly qualified Master Trainers and Instructors. You can meet them at the largest fitness conventions, e.g. FIBO in Cologne (Germany), EU4YA in Poznań, FIWE and Go Active Show in Warsaw. Together with IFAA Poland, they provide certification courses for JUMPit and JUMPit Aqua Instructors all over Europe.
The JUMPit Team also includes e.g. a physiotherapist, a dietician, a World Champion of the WPF (World Powerlifting Federation), a music producer, authors of training programmes, owners of fitness clubs, and academic teachers. People with passions and a wide variety of interests. They have completed a number of training courses and they are continuing to build up their knowledge and skills. They have been with JUMPit from the very beginning.

Our locations

JUMPit fitness trampolines and JUMPit Aqua trampolines can be found everywhere around Europe! Check on the map for the nearest location offering JUMPit classes. Classes are provided by Instructors who completed a JUMPit training course under the auspices of IFAA Poland.

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Media about JUMPit

JUMPit fitness trampolines have generated a widespread media interest throughout Poland. We invite you to read and see e.g. our morning workout in the TV show Pytanie na śniadanie in Polish TV and a talk about advantages of trampolining in Telewizja Republika in the TV show Polska na dzień dobry. There is also a host of other interesting articles and materials.

JUMPit store

See the original JUMPit training gear, which is ideal for trampolining, fitness classes and exercises in a gym. For her and for him. Top-quality textiles and state-of-the-art solutions make the body breathe and remove sweat. Exercising has never been better! Well-fitting training gear will maximise the freedom of movement. Clothes manufactured in Poland. You can also choose from a variety of leggings, Antislip socks, tops and useful accessories.

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Maciej Magott, CEO

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